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Two films are left in 2010 of the Yannitell Memorial Concert/Film Series at The Historic Palace Theatre in Marion, OH. Also part of the series were two films in fall 2009.

April 25, 2010 at 3:00 PM Charlie Chaplin in "Easy Street" and "The Kid"
June 13, 2010 at 3:00 PM Harold Lloyd in "Girl Shy"

The 2/11 Wurlitzer in Salt Lake City's Capitol Theater was a rarely seen feature until the Associate Director of Salt Lake County's Arts, David Barber, came up with the idea to relocate the console to the 2nd floor balcony, and to play it for the public with a first ever WURLITZER WEEK.

This year's ATOS Summer Youth Camp will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from July 27-31, and will feature the 5/106 Midmer-Losh at the Adrian Phillips residence as the primary camp venue. We will also be making a couple of visits to Organ Stop Pizza to hear, see, and play the 4/74 Wurlitzer installed there (we've even arranged for several hours of open console as well!)


This video was produced by Vickie Power.

Often we are sent articles that appear in newspapers or other websites to include in the ATOS Web Journal. It is not always possible to obtain permission from the owner to "reprint" them here. Writing a new article with a link is also difficult without a first hand account from the sources of the article's details.

"... the night's soloist, Jonas Nordwall, who nearly unhinged the San Jose theater from its foundations with his finely wrought, yet supercharged performance on the California's mighty Wurlitzer ..." - Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News


Another related article: "The California's mighty Wurlitzer becomes a symphony instrument next weekend"

As a boy going to Saturday matinees in the 1950s, Evan Chase always wondered what the big ivory console was that was partially covered in the orchestra pit of Toledo's State Theatre on Collingwood Avenue.  50 years later he not only found out, but owns it and installed it in the theatre across the street from the site of the State, the Collingwood Art Center (CAC).  Pipe organs have been a serious interest for Mr.

For the thousands of us who love the sounds of the theatre pipe organ, Stan Kann and the St. Louis Fox were, in a phrase, as inseparable a combination as Hoover and vacuum cleaner. Stan Kann passed away Monday morning, September 29, 2008. He was enjoying his second long tenure as house organist at the Fox Theatre on its thrilling 4/36 Wurlitzer, which he played for the last time two days before his death.

He passed away at St. Louis University hospital due to complications following heart surgery.

Radio City Music Hall has been home to some of the most spectacular entertainment events ever produced. From the greatest headliners - like Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Barry Manilow and others – to great events such as the Tony Awards, the now-popular ESPY Awards – and its annual Christmas Spectacular, the Music Hall provides headlining entertainment and events as part of its standard bill of fare.

John McCall sent in a link to a blog account from someone present at the recent RCMH organ event so everyone can read about what happened that day.


The show started in March 2007 on Valle Radio, Albox, Spain as a half-hour per week 'addition' to a 2-hour program of vintage music, Those Dancing Years, and was then called Pipes and Paella. It was strictly local in character and although it had, naturally, a fairly small listener base, it was well-liked by the radio station manager. Some of these shows are online.