Board & Staff Contact Information


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Name Title Email
George Andersen Vice Chairman g.andersen [at]
Dave Calendine Secretary d.calendine [at]
Michael Cipolletti Director m.cipolletti [at]
Greg Bellamy Information Technology Manager g.bellamy [at]
Mike Bryant THEATRE ORGAN JOURNAL Editor m.bryant [at]
Ken Double Past President/CE k.double [at]
Don Feely Website Content Editor d.feely [at]
Michael Fellenzer Director/Treasurer m.fellenzer [at]
Tedde Gibson Director t.gibson [at]
David Kelzenberg Director d.kelzenberg [at]
Mike Kinerk Convention Planning Coordinator m.kinerk [at]
Richard Neidich Chairman r.neidich [at]
Jonas Nordwall Director / Workshops Coordinator j.nordwall [at]
Donna Parker Membership Secretary d.parker [at]
Wilson Alness Board Youth Representative w.alness [at]
Mark Renwick Director m.renwick [at]
John Seest Historian j.seest [at]
Carlton Smith Director / Scholarships Chair c.smith [at]
Taylor Trimby Director t.trimby [at]
Rob Vastine Marketplace Manager r.vastine [at]
Steve Worthington Theatre Organ Radio Coordinator s.worthington [at]