Ken Double steps down from President role

On January 26, Ken Double announced to the ATOS Board of Directors that he would be resigning as President/CE of ATOS, effective March 31, 2017. Noting that when he assumed the role ten years ago, he had thought ten years would be a sensible time frame to serve, he felt now was the time for a change. ATOS Board Chairman Richard Neidich stated, "I want to thank Ken Double for his decade of outreach efforts, promotion of theatre organ and many visitation trips on behalf of ATOS. In the future we will be challenged to provide the representation that Ken has provided."

Ken will continue to support the efforts of the Board of Directors, with the transition as well as with other duties yet to be defined. He will also serve as Master of Ceremonies for the 2017 convention.

Richard Neidich reports that a plan for the future of ATOS staff organizational leadership will be presented at the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting on July 2, 2017 at the Tampa Convention.

In his resignation to the board, Ken stated, "Over the ten years, I have taken a LOT of plane rides and visited with more than 40 of our chapters (don’t know how I missed Hawaii – especially during at least one cold winter!) – and I take my hat off to all those chapter officers, chapter volunteers, and organ maintenance folks who are truly at the front lines of making the organs play.

My occasional performances at the Atlanta Fox have confirmed what I have always believed: When the theatre organ is presented to the public well, the public enjoys it.

I hope that ATOS can focus its efforts even more on not just serving our deserving membership by improving services and support, but also begin a stronger effort at making certain the organs will play.
I will be involved. I will be a member. And I will most certainly be around to remind everyone how much good we do; how wonderful the music is; how great it is every time we discover new talent, or bring a new organ to our members via a new convention installation, or just simply sit back and enjoy a great evening of music.
We know – there is NOTHING like it."


Ken Double