Chapter Conference Calls

News: Chapter Conference Calls

To: ATOS chapter officers
ATOS Board and Staff
Fr: Ken Double, President/CE
Re: Chapter Conference Calls

Greetings all:

I first wish to beg forgiveness and apologize for not getting a January meeting scheduled.
Travels coupled with three events that I wished to report on, plus two other major issues pushed this to the back burner.

To that end, I am now announcing three firm dates for the next three such conference call meetings, which will carry us every-other-month through June, right up to the convention.

The dates for the next three calls will be:
Thursday, February 25th at 8:30 pm Eastern time, 7:30 Central and 5:30 Pacific.
Monday, April 11 – at the same scheduled time.
Monday, June 13 – at the same scheduled time.

There will be an announcement forthcoming with the Go To Meeting link, and an attachment with agenda items.

Two special, important items of particular note on the agenda:

1.) We will discuss in detail visa and immigration issues involving contracting overseas artists, with a specific focus on costs, and the need for chapters to work together to share those costs in bringing artists into the country
2.) We will discuss two different programs that provide possible partnerships with outside entities that could help your chapter both draw a larger crowd, and thus provide greater exposure for your chapter and your events.

I hope your chapter officers and/or reps can attend the next conference February 25th.

We will look forward to communicating with you then.