2021 ATOS Convention

2021 ATOS Convention

The Unconventional Convention
July 8 - 11

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Due to not being able to meet in person for a convention this year, I wanted to do something different. Since we are not able to go to the theaters in person, I decided that I wanted to showcase theatre organs that are also not in theaters, but in unconventional places. Hence the name, Unconventional Convention. Also, it keeps me from constantly saying the word “virtual” which has become one of those over-used words as of late.

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Remember this convention is supported by your donations. We ask you to donate whatever you can. The recommended donation is $10 per event, but a donation is not required.

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So where are the organs? Three of them are in homes, one is in a store, one is in a pizza parlor, and one is in a factory warehouse. They range in size from two manuals to four manuals, and from six ranks to ninety. A wide range of organs, and all under the hands of great theatre organists.

These concerts will be posted starting on July 8, 2021, and will remain posted through the beginning of December. All concerts are free, and we are asking for donations to cover the cost of the production of the concerts. We also ask that you share the concerts so that others that are new to the theatre organ can enjoy them.

Beginning on Thursday, July 8, videos will be released each day from Thursday through Sunday, July 11. Other parts of the convention will also be included, such as the Annual Members Forum and the Awards Ceremony. Other items that we aren’t able to accommodate fairly for the Unconventional Convention will be tabled until we get to meet in person again next year in San Diego.

Dave Calendine, President


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