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Relay Rescue

As most of us know, electropneumatic (air) relays are the technology that made the Theatre Pipe Organ possible. While more modern technologies have become desirable due to increased flexibility and other advantages, the vintage equipment is historically important and some deliberate effort to preserve examples is in order. Numerous original relays are still in operation, but it is still tragic when good specimens are lost.

Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview
Retreat Forward, An Overview

An Overview of the ATOS Retreat

Twenty representatives of the American Theatre Organ Society spent nearly 14 hours over two days in a corporate retreat, held September 20-21 at the Hilton Hotel at the St. Louis airport.

Watch the Video Preview here.

Overture on July 2
Longwood Gardens with Jonas Nordwall
Welcome Cocktail Party with cash bar (Open to all, not just Overture)
Macy's (Wanamaker organ) with Peter Richard Conte

Day 1 July 3
Membership Meeting
Macy's Greek Hall with Ron Rhode -- Group A
Colonial Theatre with Mark Herman
Dickinson with Dave Peckham

Day 2 July 4
Membership Forum
Macy's Greek Hall with Ron Rhode - Group –B


Due to an printing error, page 21 was omitted. It will be reprinted in the next issue, but until then, here is the full Awards story:

We've heard you!! You've asked, "If the young people get the Summer Youth Adventure, what about us older players?"

STEP UP YOUR PLAYING is ATOS' answer to an adult-level teaching experience. Jonas Nordwall, Donna Parker and Ken Double will provide tips focused on holiday music and much more for this November event in beautiful San Diego. Four great pipe organs! Hands-on learning! A Donna Parker concert event included in your registration! See details here and sign up now. Spaces are limited!

To all who love the theatre organ, and especially Mighty Mo at the Atlanta Fox:

There have been some comments, statement and, written reaction to a video production that was recently released on the great Moller organ, and other items erroneously indicating I am now the organist at the Atlanta Fox Theatre. This is NOT the case whatsoever.

The ATOS 2014 Board of Directors election results are in and can be seen in the attached document by Bob Evans.

Here are the results of the 2014 ATOS Board Election:
Total ballots received – 1013.
Results per nominee as they appeared on the ballot
Denise Andersen   -  742 (Elected-3 year term)
John Fuhrmann  -  301
John Ledwon  -  569 (Elected-2 year term to serve remainder of Larry Fenner’s term)
John Nelson  -  438
Don Phipps  -  570 (Elected-3 year term)
Donald Rankin IV  -  712 (Elected-3 year term)
Mark Renwick  -  555

Jelani Eddington featured on Gizmodo

Jelani Eddington was featured on a post on Gizmodo's Sploid. You can see the feature and comments here.

ATOS is pleased to offer the 5th Annual Technical Experience for participants 18 years of age and older. The ATOS Techincal experience is a one-week seminar that provides hands-on training for anyone interested in the technical aspects of the theatre organ. The experience covers a variety of subjects ranging from moving about an organ chamber, care of pipes, tuning, blower control, winding fundamentals, chest restoration and much more.

Mar 3
TO Radio is up and alive. There was a problem with the DJ software being used to schedule the music. Its database became corrupted and needed to be rebuilt. Because of all the Shoutcast problems we experienced, we looked at a lot of other issues before checking this one. But we got it. Do accept our apologies, and don't hesitate to email us whenever you are not getting a signal.

Mar 2 1pm EST
We are receiving reports that TO Radio is down. We are looking into it now, and will post here when we discover the issue. Sorry.

Feb 18th 10pm EST