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If you are one of our thousands of members, welcome to this site’s resources and enjoy the site. If you are new to our interest in theatre organs, we hope you will take some time to discover one of the music world's unique gems - the Mighty Theatre Organ and its home, the Movie Palace. It's been more than 100 years since Wurlitzer created its first theatre organ, and Barton, Robert-Morton, Kimball, and dozens of other companies created thousands of instruments, made to accompany silent films, and fill majestic movie palaces with glorious music. ATOS is proud to work with more than 55 local chapters across the U.S. and around the world, promoting the instrument, presenting concerts and silent films, developing young artists and technicians, providing scholarships, and most of all, having a lot of fun in the world of music. As always, we welcome suggestions for content that would be useful.

So take a moment. Find an instrument near you. Listen to some wonderful music using ATOS RADIO. or visit one of the many events available around the world listed on our Events List. Be introduced to an artist; or explore our art form's fascinating history and technology. We are delighted you found us.
If not a member, we hope you will join us. Everything you need to do so is right here. Be prepared for what we like to call a musical "WOW!" moment. Get set for the mighty theatre organ and ATOS. Welcome again!
Richard Neidich
Chairman of the Board

Recent News & Articles
  • The month of September saw several happenings of interest to everyone. ATOS Board Activities During the September 2017 ATOS Board meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Ken Double to Chair this year’s Directors Nominating Committee. Ken is busy preparing this year’s nominations campaign in support of an election late in the winter months. Watch the next ATOS Journal for Ken’s Committee’s... more
  • Prepare now for the 2018 Pasadena Convention June 29 (Friday) - July 3 (Tuesday) After-Glow Registration information and venue/artist information will appear in the January/February 2018 issue of Theatre Organ Journal. Convention Information more
  • Fall is arriving. Here are some notes regarding the theatre organ related to ATOS and its activities. Beginning Fall Program Season As many members are aware, September begins the programming year for many Chapters and affiliated organizations. If you have not visited the ATOS Events List, please check here: http://atos.org/events-list If you are responsible for events and publicity, please make... more
  • Having listened to the students’ praises for young organist programs, I asked the SYA instructors if I might see for myself what the students experience. I was warmly invited to attend the 2017 program in Chicago. The invitation turned into an assignment as a volunteer chaperone for the entire week. I was also afforded the opportunity to instruct the students in their communication skills.. Read... more
  • Several distinguished ATOS members were recognized at the 2017 awards ceremony at the convention in Tampa. Organist of the Year Jerry Nagano (na-GA-no, not NA-ga-no) was born and raised in the Los Angeles area where he began his musical training at age ten. From the very beginning the movies played a major role in his musical life. It was because of attending a silent movie show accompanied by... more
  • A STATEMENT FROM BOB DILWORTH, DICKINSON THEATRE ORGAN SOCIETY By now, via a story originally distributed by the Associated Press, and subsequently various outlets of print, TV and social media, many of our good friends in the world of the theatre organ are aware that DTOS, the Dickinson Theatre Organ Society in Wilmington, DE, has been a victim of some financial foul play. I will not go into... more
  • The 2017 ATOS Chapter Showcase highlights ATOS chapters’ activities and achievements from the past year. Participating chapters in 2017 are: Great Lakes Bay Chapter NorCal Theatre Organ Society Red River Chapter River City Theatre Organ Society Theatre Organ Society of San Diego Saint Louis Theatre Organ Society Susquehanna Valley Theatre Organ Society Theatre Organ Society of the Delaware Valley... more
  • As I am writing to you, ATOS begins a new fiscal year. Let’s take a quick look back at a few actions and then look to the future as we move ahead. The Tampa Convention, as with every year, occurs a few weeks before the end of the ATOS fiscal year. As usual it was a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones. Except for the physical gathering of the Board members attending the Annual... more
  • Alex Jones

    Alex Jones was named overall winner of the 2017 Youth Theatre Organ Competition, after performing with the other finalists at the 2017 ATOS National Convention in Florida. Originally from London, Alex is currently studying for a Masters in Organ Performance Literature at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York in the studio of Prof. Edoardo Bellotti. In 2009, he gained a scholarship... more
  • Jerry Nagano

    Jerry Nagano (na-GA-no, not NA-ga-no) was born and raised in the Los Angeles area where he began his musical training at age ten. From the very beginning the movies played a major role in his musical life. It was because of attending a silent movie show accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer that Jerry took an interest in the organ. After instruction on electronic organ for a period, he had a chance... more

Recently Added Events

October 29
3/66 Kimball - John Dickinson High School

December 19
5/102 - Merrill Auditorium / the Kotzschmar Organ

November 11
2/6 Robert-Morton - Circle Cinema

November 8
3/13 Wurlitzer - Winter Gardens Opera House

November 12
3/11 Barton - Temple Theatre