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It's that time of the year. The month of October finds Lon Chaney on more theatre screens since his heyday as a silent screen star in the 1920's.

ATOS chapters and theatre organ-equipped movie palaces screen the classic The Phantom of the Opera all across America. In Chattanooga, the Tivoli Theatre's 3/13 Wurlitzer provided the background for an audience of more than 600. It was the second of two screenings there (the other was Keaton's The General) as ATOS President Ken Double, the Atlanta Chapter of ATOS and the Chattanooga Music Club have successfully introduced the Wurlitzer to good crowds and most positive reaction.

As most of us know, electropneumatic (air) relays are the technology that made the Theatre Pipe Organ possible. While more modern technologies have become desirable due to increased flexibility and other advantages, the vintage equipment is historically important and some deliberate effort to preserve examples is in order. Numerous original relays are still in operation, but it is still tragic when good specimens are lost.

An Overview of the ATOS Retreat

Twenty representatives of the American Theatre Organ Society spent nearly 14 hours over two days in a corporate retreat, held September 20-21 at the Hilton Hotel at the St. Louis airport.


5th Annual Drive Campaign

Our 5th Annual Drive Campaign is underway. Please consider a contribution.

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