It was an experiment that proved successful.

After many years of the popular Summer Youth Adventure, once again ATOS was asked by the adult players among our members, “Hey, where’s our program like that?”

I am home, getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving with friends in Atlanta, and reflecting on the better part of the past 30 days spent on the road. Lots of things to reflect on, including:

  • One new Chapter (Old Dominion, Richmond VA) going strong and one potential chapter to be added
  • A pledge from people who make things happen there to renovate the Mosque organ in Richmond (now the Altria Theatre)
  • Progress on the historic Byrd Theatre Wurlitzer as work progresses and fundraising continues

As has been reported in the pages (three articles) in the current issue of Theatre Organ, and also on this ATOS website, the organization is beginning to take the first steps toward reorganization following the September retreat in St. Louis.

A recent Facebook posting offered some alarming statements, assertions and assumptions that were in error on every front. Social Media being what it is, quite a bit of commentary followed.

Following the ATOS retreat in September, the organization is now embarking on several tasks as it moves forward implementing the recommendations from the event. ATOS Chairman Bob Dilworth has appointed the first two committees.

Jack Moelmann has updated the Theatre Organ Journal Index. Wanna find an article on Ann Leaf. View or download the 2015 edition here. If you appreciate Jack's work, let him know.

"The Midmer-Losh: Breathing Life Into The Beast" will be broadcast on PBS television stations this fall (2014).

Installed in the Atantic City Convention Center in 1929, the Midmer-Losh still holds the title as the world's largest pipe organ. The television program documents the organ's restoration and takes viewers back to an era unequaled in design and craftsmanship.

Please check your local PBS station to find your local broacast time.

An Overview of the ATOS Retreat

Twenty representatives of the American Theatre Organ Society spent nearly 14 hours over two days in a corporate retreat, held September 20-21 at the Hilton Hotel at the St. Louis airport.

Watch the Video Preview here.

Overture on July 2
Longwood Gardens with Jonas Nordwall
Welcome Cocktail Party with cash bar (Open to all, not just Overture)
Macy's (Wanamaker organ) with Peter Richard Conte

Day 1 July 3
Membership Meeting
Macy's Greek Hall with Ron Rhode -- Group A
Colonial Theatre with Mark Herman
Dickinson with Dave Peckham

Day 2 July 4
Membership Forum
Macy's Greek Hall with Ron Rhode - Group –B


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