Great and manifold were the beautiful sights and sounds that I basked in today! After the members forum was completed, I leisurely strolled down the Avenue Of The Arts toward the Wannamaker building. Wannamaker's most famous organ gracefully bowed out of the spotlight today so her little brother could have a go. In an alcove of the Macy's building, we were guided into the glowing aura that is Greek Hall. The room was lit by warm, vintage bulbs that romantically revealed tenderly inlaid oak paneling, carved to resemble Ionic columns, all adorned with the striking profiles of Greek heroes.

To my utter delight, the morning board meeting proved brief enough to allow me a few precious hours of free time so that I could explore the grand city of Philadelphia. This would only be the first of many fortunate events that occurred today! (Old man trouble must be on an extended sabbatical). The entire city lay before me to conquer and subdue so I set out with high spirits toward the Masonic Lodge for a guided tour! To the great regret of our unfortunate tour guide, two other ATOS conventioneers besides myself also attended the tour.

Daily Convention Reports from ATOS 2015 in Philadelphia by Joshua Dill, ATOS Board Youth Representative

Your ATOS Board of Directors and Staff arrived early to Philadelphia for the Annual ATOS Board Meeting. In addition to the regular business of the organization, the board also elected a new officers and installed new directors.

ATOS is pleased to offer the 6th Annual Technical Experience on August 10-13, 2015, for participants 18 years of age and older. This year the Technical Experience will be presented as last year. There will be several subjects presented this year:

  • Basics of tuning a Theatre Pipe Organ,
  • Shutters restoration and regulation (Silence please!),
  • Restoration and regulation of a Wurlitzer metal 16’ Diaphone,
  • Basics of tuned percussion restoration,
  • Wiring craftsmanship and basics (Wiring a organ is not a study in decorating with pasta!).

The 2015 Summer Youth Adventure has made special arrangements for students and faculty to stay at the Courtyard Askarben Village in Omaha, Nebraska. The special group rate for the week will be $99.00/night.

Hotel detail can be see here.

More program information here

This weekend, I will be in EMCATOS-land with ATOS Secretary Bob Evans, along with board members Don Phipps and Bill Coale. We will be taking on a very important task. Our goal is to make contact with the chapter leaders of all 62 of our groups, preferably by telephone and certainly by email. Our goal is to update our chapter list; update the officers and leaders; try to get a handle on levels of activity; and, garner feedback on priorities and issues.

Despite snow on the ground in Durango, CO where my guitar-playing-teaching brother Terry lives (and snow a LOT of places), my experience is Spring has indeed sprung, and my packing the suitcase now involves all kinds of other clothes. But always the tux with the red handkerchief in the breast pocket.

It will get a good workout June 6 at Long Center in Lafayette, IN where I will play my 33rd annual variety show concert on the 3/21 Wurlitzer. I’ll be sharing the stage with some wonderfully talented young people (details at

Congratulations to the three finalists for the Young Theatre Organist Competition! They will complete the competition at the American Theatre Organ Society’s annual convention this year to be held in Philadelphia. The first place winner will also travel to San Diego California to perform on the largest outdoor organ in the United States…The Spreckels Organ. To help defray the costs of the Young Theatre Organist Competition, ATOS is looking for donors to help cover the related costs.

Greetings to you all,

I am writing from lovely San Diego where I will meet with chapter officials of the Theatre Organ Society of San Diego later today, and then prepare for a Sunday concert on the Wurlitzer at Trinity Church.

The main reason for my message today is not so much what is going on with me now, but what I hope will be going on with you in July. In the next few days, you will be receiving your May-June issue of Theatre Organ, and you will find the information for our Philadelphia/Wilmington-based convention, dubbed “SOMETHING BIG!”


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