2020 Annual Convention - Indianapolis

Make your plans now to attend the 2020 ATOS annual convention

We visit Indianapolis for the 7th time, with NEW, never before featured locations/personalities at an ATOS Convention, along with familiar favorites.

New Hotel: Westin Indianapolis with a great $125 rate including WiFi
New Venues: Dayton Art Institute/Skinner, Fire House Pipes/Page, Rust Residence/Compton, Greenwood UMC/Hauptwerks
New Artists: Kevin Grunill, Justin Nimmo
New Emcee: Matias Bombal

Preglow: Monday, July 6
Convention: July 7 - 10
Afterglow: Saturday, July 11

Convention Hotel: Westin Indianapolis
Convention rate of $125 per night with WIFI
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Featuring favorite instruments plus some new venues, the banquet will again be in the historic Indiana Roof Ballroom in the former Indiana Theatre.


Monday, July 6 - PREGLOW
MORNING: Justin LaVoie at Firehouse Pipes, Union City (3/12 Page)
AFTERNOON: Clark Wilson, Silent Film at Dayton Art Institute, Dayton (1929 Skinner)

Tuesday, July 7
MORNING: Annual Meeting, Members Forum at Westin Hotel
AFTERNOON: YTOC/Aaron Hawthorne at Warren PAC (3/18 Barton)
EVENING: Reception - Cletus Goens at Westin Hotel
"Remember the Paramount" Concert with Donna Parker, Dwight Thomas & Bill Vlasak at Circle Theatre, Indianapolis (3/24 Wurlitzer)

Wednesday, July 8
MORNING: Brett Valliant at Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne (4/16 Page)
AFTERNOON: Richard Hills at Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne (4/16 Page)
Jelani Eddington at Paramount Theatre, Anderson (3/12 Page)
EVENING: Jam Session/Free Time at Hedback Theatre (2/11 Hybrid), Open Console

Thursday, July 9
MORNING: Ron Rhode at Long Center PAC (3/21 Wurlitzer)
AFTERNOON: Group A: Kevin Grunill at Rust Residence, Seymour (4/17 Compton),
Group B: Optional Tours* including - Justin Nimmo at Greenwod UMC (4/31 Hauptwerks)
EVENING: Banquet/Matt Gerhard at Indiana Roof Ballroom

Friday, July 10
MORNING: Ken Double at Manual High School (3/26 Wurlitzer)
AFTERNOON: Group B: Kevin Grunill at Rust Residence, Seymour (4/17 Compton),
Group A: Optional Tours* including - Justin Nimmo at Greenwod UMC (4/31 Hauptwerks)
EVENING: Pierre Fracalanza at Warren PAC (3/18 Barton)

Saturday, July 11 – AFTERGLOW
MORNING: Mark Herman at Wehmeier Residence, Cincinnati (4/37 Wurlitzer)
AFTERNOON: Walt Strony at Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati (3/31 Wurlitzer)
EVENING: Riverboat Dinner Cruise on Ohio River

*Optional tours on Thursday & Friday will include choices:
Justin Nimmo at Greenwood UMC
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Goulding & Wood Pipe Organ Builders
Indiana Theatre
Union Station

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Monument Circle

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Hilbert Circle Theatre

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Warren Performing Arts Center Barton

Rust Compton Organ

Indiana Roof Ballroom