ATOS Founders

ATOS Founders

ATOS Founders

FOUNDING: Tuesday, February 8, 1955. Left to right, TOP ROW: Bob Jacobus, W. "Tiny" James, Frank Bindt, Dave Kelly, Richard Vaughn, Fordon Kibbee, Dave Barrett, Harvey Heck, Bob Olson. CENTER ROW: Jerry Sullivan, Judd Walton, Gordon Blanchard, Archie March, Ray Booth, Ray Webber, Don George, Merle Finkenbinder, Eddie Cleveland, Lloyd Davey, Buddy Cole. SEATED: Marie Kibbee, Buddy Wittenberg, Helena Simonton, Francis Sullivan, Ramona Gerhard Sutton, Paul Pease, Dr. Mel Doner, Richard C. Simonton, Dr. Orrin Hostetter, Keith McCaleb, and Kenny Wright. (Photo courtesy of Helena Simonton

The American Theatre Organ Society was originally known as the American Theatre Organ Enthusiasts. The organizational meeting was held on February 8, 1955 at the residence of Dick Simonton. The following were in attendance (also pictured above):

Dick SimontonPresident

  • Dick Simonton (pictured right)

Vice President

  • Judd Walton


  • Paul Pease

Executive Committee (pictured right, from L to R)

  • Judd Walton
  • Buddy Wittenberg
  • Paul Pease
  • First ATOE Executive CommitteeRichard Vaughn
  • Dr. Melvin Doner
  • Richard Simonton
  • Gordon Kibee
  • Dr. Orrin Hostetter
  • Buddy Cole (not pictured)

Editor of The Tibia

  • Dr. M. H. Doner

Assistant Editor of The Tibia

  • Roy Gorish

Members at Large

  • Bob Jacobus
  • Tiny James
  • Frank Bindt
  • Dave Kelley
  • Harvey Heck
  • Bob Olson
  • Jerry Sullivan
  • Gordon Blanchard
  • Archie March
  • Roy Booth
  • Ray Webber
  • Don George
  • Merle Finkenbinder
  • Eddie Cleveland
  • Lloyd Darey
  • Marie Kibbee
  • Helena Simonton
  • Francis Sullivan
  • Ramona Gerhard Sutton
  • Keith McCaleb
  • Kenny Wright