April ATOS Happenings

News: April ATOS Happenings

For most of us, winter is leaving and spring is rapidly arriving. It’s time for all of us to get out and about - this is the perfect time to share activities with others, including many ATOS chapter events.

Chapters Showcase

Based upon the many years of successful efforts by Marion Flint and the photo albums she showed many ATOS chapters, several years ago Mary Ann Dilworth worked to create an electronic sharable annual version to let everyone become aware of the many ATOS Chapter efforts with respect to theatre organ events.
The goal of the effort is to provide every ATOS Chapter with a mechanism whereby they can share their efforts to support and promote theatre organs, in the form of chapter meetings or public events, as well as their efforts focusing on instrument preservation and maintenance.
As in the past few years, the goal is to release the 2018 Chapters Showcase in time for the Annual ATOS Convention week at the end of June.
The deadline for making submissions is June 1st, however mid-May is the goal. The details for the ATOS Chapters showcase are available on a website page at http://www.atos.org/chapter-showcase-0.

Chapter’s Virtual Conference

The ATOS Chapter’s Liaison, Taylor Trimby, will be hosting a Chapter’s Virtual Conference on April 19th at 8 PM EDT. News regarding several upcoming promotion efforts will be discussed. Anyone having questions for the discussion portion of the meeting or for being added to his e-mail list should contact Taylor at t.trimby (at) atos.org.

Promotion Support

A very underutilized ATOS resource is the ATOS website’s events listing page, http://www.atos.org/events-list. The page supports all theatre organ events, whether chapter hosted or presented by others. There are individuals who have missed opportunities to learn about a program, or have them posted onto the ATOS website. The page not only helps each event presenter but provides a good place to look for future possible presentations. Please help our many theatre organ followers be aware of listening events.
If your venue or promoting organization is not listed, contact our website Content Manager, Don Feely, d.feely (at) atos.org.

Membership Reminder

In case you have not noticed, the mailing label for your ATOS Journal, Theatre Organ, contains the renewal date for you ATOS membership. When receiving your issues each time, it’s a good practice to look at the label as a reminder of when your dues are due.
Thanks to all ATOS members for your continued support.

Richard Neidich
Chairman, ATOS Board of Directors,/strong>