It is with a degree of regret that ATOS is announcing the cancellation of its STEP UP YOUR PLAYING adult teaching event. Planned for Atlanta in early March in conjunction with a concert appearance by Richard Hills, the event drew only five responses from potential attendees. At least a dozen are needed to make the event viable.

This does not necessarily mean this idea will not be pursued again in the future. The program was designed in answer to a call from membership asking, “Why can’t we have a program like the kids have with Summer Youth Adventure?” The answer is, “You can. Here is it.” But the response was not enough to warrant continuing with this year’s event.

Last year in San Diego, 12 individuals originally signed up for the three-day, six-session seminar, with three cancellations. The nine who attended offered excellent positive feedback. That event was subsidized by donations from two individuals. This year’s event was planned to financially stand on its own, and had received many inquiries of interest, but not enough who actually signed up to attend.

Ken Double and Jonas Nordwall will continue to discuss the future merits of this program.