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Welcome to ATOS Theatre Organ Radio - now streaming multiple high quality options. ATOS is excited to provide ATOS Theatre Organ Radio, an Internet radio station dedicated to the theatre organ.

In partnership with Steve Worthington, longtime ATOS member, theatre organ audiophile and pioneering Internet broadcaster, we are pleased to offer a collection of vintage theatre organ tracks together with a vast library of selections from today's top recording artists.

In addition to the music, we offer a variety of scheduled program content including: interviews with theatre organ personalities, musical, historical and technical educational content along with archival "live" concert broadcasts.

Theatre Organ Music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Playing ATOS Radio via your Alexa

For those of you who have asked "Can Alexa play the station"?

Do not ask Alexa to play ATOS radio - that plays a Dutch broadcast station.

The only way is to be more specific, Alexa can only find us on the TuneIn app.

“Alexa, play the station American Theatre Organ Radio on TuneIn”



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The ATOS Theatre Organ Radio Player's work best with a broadband Internet connection (cable or DSL). They support both HTML5 and flash and will work with various browsers, but we do not guarantee that all players will work on all browsers. If you have problems with ATOS Theatre Organ Radio using your browser, please either upgrade to the latest version and try again, or try another browser. If you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in it's available free on

Latest News....

New AAC Stream: At The ATOS Convention I was asked if we can provide a Stream in AAC format? - Here it Is!

New Server: Thanks for all the positive feed back on the new server, and new improved streaming, we appreciate the positive comments on the quality and we are happy to hear we seem to have cured the stability issue with the streams.


New Player: Many Have asked for a different player, one that shows the playing track information: see above for the NEW player! This player should work with either Flash or HTML5 on all browsers, and devices (including iPhone and some Android devices). One point, the player refreshes track information every 20 seconds, so may be a few seconds behind the track playing, when tracks switch! - Some people are having issues using the new player with Internet Explorer 11, If you find the player does not work you may have to add the site to the compatibility mode list:, blame Microsoft - not us!

There are now over 4000 CD tracks, close to 1000 Vinyl Re-mastered tracks, and over 1000 Live concert recordings in the play rotation more are being added every week!

Steve Ashley's "Hot Pipes" half hour broadcasts are now featured Tue 2pm, Wed 9pm,and Thu 4am - A New Show will play each week!

Recordings from the Dickinson Theatre Organ Societies Concert archives on their magnificent Kimball:  Listen Monday thru' Friday night from 7pm-8pm (Eastern US), (and for our European friends) 9am Saturday, and 7am Sunday - these are some phenomenal performances by the worlds premier organists, and the quality of the recordings are outstanding! Enjoy!

The EMCATOS Concert Archives - Every Monday through Friday at 10am and 5pm (Eastern US) approx 45 mins of Concert Recordings from the EMCATOS Archive produced by Dick Hill - each show will feature different selections from a library of over 1000 archived performances.

The Request feature is now available on the "playlist"  - (click the link): Usually your request will play within 10 mins of the request. Note there are broadcast rules about how many request you can submit and what can be played when, so not all requests will be available! During certain scheduled shows requests will be stored until the show is complete. Check out the Status of your request on the what's playing now page


If you have difficulty accessing the above player you can access our "Direct Stream" by clicking the above link and opening in iTunes, winamp or a similar mp3 player. If you have a custom player copy the link into your device for instant access to our "SHOUTcast" stream.....



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You may be able to Access some of the above applications via a web-enabled "Smart" TV or Blue Ray Disc Player... Check the "Market Place" option and you can download Shoutcast or Tunein for free, search for ATOS Radio and play.

The stream can be played on iPhone/iPad and Android through third party phone apps such as Tunein or Shoutcast.

The stream is also available to Internet Radio Devices via RECIVA or Vtuner

vTuner Internet Radio

If you have another Internet Radio device that allows custom streaming you will need to enter the following URL into the custom stream to be able to play the ATOS Radio Content


If you have any issues please contact us @ atos_radio [at]

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