ATOS to Re-Master the Atlanta Convention CD

News: ATOS to Re-Master the Atlanta Convention CD

During the recent mid-year meeting of the ATOS Board of Directors in Atlanta, one major topic of conversation focused on the issue of the Atlanta Convention CD release.

Without hesitation, the board determined the recordings must be re-mastered, issues corrected, and the new CDs distributed to those who have purchased the recordings.

“There were simply too many errors involved,” said board member and artist Jelani Eddington. “ATOS should not be presenting this product as a representation of the great performances of the Atlanta convention.” The board unanimously agreed.

ATOS President and CE, and convention co-chair Ken Double took full responsibility. “There were many factors involved. Taken together, the result was somewhat a comedy of errors. And the bottom line is that in an attempt to rush the product, some oversight was lacking, and that rests with me as the overall producer of the discs.”

The entire production will be re-mastered and the artwork updated, and the work will begin immediately. All who had received copies of the discs will receive copies of the newly re-mastered discs at no cost.

“Furthermore, there will be strict policies set forth for future productions,” said Double, “so this will not repeat itself. We had wonderful recordings from the Cleveland, Eastern Mass, and Southern California conventions, and while the convention recordings do not allow for the same strict control of the product as a regular recording would, ATOS will produce great recordings for future conventions, and correct these Atlanta CDs.”

Look for an announcement soon regarding the shipping date of the new recording.

(February 26, 2014)