Award Nominations Open

News: Award Nominations Open

Greetings! Any member wanting to make a nomination should send that candidate's nomination to awards [at] as soon as possible so their name can be considered.

The categories are:
1. Hall of Fame - This is the American Theatre Organ Society's highest award! It is presented to someone who has devoted a lifetime to ATOS's cause, usually having previously won different awards.  This award is reserved for those who have made MAJOR contributions (money or otherwise) over an extended period. 
2. Organist of the Year - This is presented to a prominent organist who was active the previous year and deserved recognition but has never won this award. 
3. Honorary Member -  This award is for someone who has contributed to the cause of ATOS or the theatre organ in a big way.  It conveys honorary (free) membership for life; hence, this award may be presented to a non-ATOS member, although it can also go to an ATOS member. (for example, Phil Kelsall has never been an ATOS member.)
4. Member of the Year -  This award recognizes someone who has done something significant in the past year.  (Example- Dr. Bill Coale received this award for his work on the George Wright book in 2018.)
5. Awards of Special Merit -  This is a catch-all category, and sometimes several (or none) can be given out in one year. If someone has done something special at the local or national level, i.e., such as restoring an organ or otherwise contributing to our cause, they could receive this award.
6. Industry Achievement Award - This award is reserved for someone who has contributed to the theatre organ or ATOS through their business (Dick Wilcox received the prize for the Uniflex organ relay). 

The nominations must come from you, our members! As many people are doing extraordinary things to support the theatre organ and ATOS, we need your help! Please email your nominations (please include their name, category, and reason for nomination) to awards [at] The awards will be announced later this year.

The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2024
Thank you in advance for your work!