Bluegrass Chapter
United States

Chapter Contacts

Tim Jones
PO Box 141
Lexington, KY 40588-141.
tim.jones [at]
(859) 230-6578
term ends: December 2021
Vice President
William Webber
term ends: December 2021
Lynn Vera
term ends: December 2021
Brian Hunt
term ends: December 2022

Our chapter instrument is being rebuilt. It is a 3/18 Wurlitzer, formerly housed in The Kentucky Theater, Lexington, KY. It is Wurlitzer Opus 562 (1922), expanded by Wurlitzer in 1926 to become a Wurlitzer 260 Special. The console is rebuilt. The remainder of the organ is in the process of being rebuilt. The instrument is in storage at The Singletary Center for The Arts at The University of Kentucky in Lexington. The console is now completely restored, and the process of restoring the chests, etc. is just beginning.

We also have a Facebook page which is listed as: Bluegrass Chapter- American Theatre Organ Society

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April 2020
Internal Notes: 
Tim Baker; Garry Marsh; Rhonda Marsh; David Pilkinton; Dana Ross; Lynn Vera -- all terms expiry annually -- these in June 2020