2016 ATOS Annual Convention

News: 2016 ATOS Annual Convention
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July 3 – 8, 2016
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Convention Hotel:
Marriott Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
Tower City Center, 24 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

Built in 1918, the Cleveland Hotel has been a downtown landmark for nearly a century. Our secured hotel rate is $109 per night. There is subway service directly from the airport to the hotel.

July 3 - Overture
Detroit Senate Theatre
Richard Hills at the 4/34 Wurlitzer
Stahls Automotive Museum, Chesterfield, Michigan
Justin LaVoie at the 3/23 Wurlitzer

Monday, July 4
Cleveland Grays Armory
Mark Herman at the 3/15 Wurlitzer

Annual Membership Meeting
Cleveland Masonic Auditorium and PAC
Jonas Nordwall at the 4/28 Wurlitzer

Tuesday, July 5
Cleveland Masonic Auditorium (PAC)
Young Theatre Organist Competition
Dan Minervini at the 4/28 Wurlitzer
Mansfield Renaissance Theatre
Jelani Eddington at the 3/20 Wurlitzer

Wednesday, July 6
Sandusky State Theatre
John Lauter at the 3/8 Page
Lorain Palace Theatre
Ron Rhode at an original 3/10 Wurlitzer installation!
Connor Palace Theatre
David Gray at the 3/17 Kimball

Thursday, July 7
Members’ Forum, Seminars, and Workshops
Canton Palace Theatre
Nathan Akavian at the 3/10 Kilgen
Early Evening—Closing Convention Concert
Akron Civic Theatre
Jerry Nagano at the 3/19 Wurlitzer
ATOS Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Friday, July 8 - Encore
Marion Palace
Donnie Rankin at the 3/10 Wurlitzer
The Ohio Theatre
Clark Wilson at the 4/32 Robert Morton

Convention Venues:
Cleveland Gray’s Armory - 3/15 Wurlitzer
Cleveland Masonic Auditorium – 4/28 Wurlitzer
Cleveland Palace Theatre – 3/17 Kimball
Lorain Palace Theatre – 3/10 Wurlitzer
Sandusky State Theatre – 3/8 Page
Akron Civic Theatre – 3/19 Wurlitzer
Canton Palace Theatre – 3/10 Kilgen
Marion Palace Theatre – 3/10 Wurlitzer
Mansfield Renaissance Theatre – 3/20 Wurlitzer
Ohio Theatre – 4/32 Robert Morton