News from Ken Double

News: News from Ken Double

April 1, 2016

Greetings all, and despite the date, please note everything here is legit!

We have much to chat about including a couple of important items. First, regarding elections. From the Chairman of the Nominating Committee comes the following message. Doug Powers’ note is timely as the ballots will be arriving in your mail very soon. Doug states:

"Please note that the ATOS Board nomination and voting process has changed this year. As part of a transition toward a more professional-level governance and management of ATOS, each nominee has been asked to answer the same three questions rather than provide a general nomination statement. This way, members can compare the candidates’ positions, and judge for themselves which candidates possess the qualities they feel best fit that objective.

This year, there are three nominees to fill three positions. However, it is still very important to submit your ballot with a marking of 1, 2 or 3 indicating your preference based on the nominee’s answers!

While this is somewhat short notice, please complete and mail your ballot by April 15th. All votes will be tallied to provide indicators of the ATOS MEMBERSHIP preference for those responses. This will assist the board in setting priorities to meet the growing challenges of our Society.

Your vote IS IMPORTANT! Thank you for helping ATOS move forward in supporting our shared mission of preserving and presenting the theatre pipe organ. Your ballot should arrive in your mail soon. Please mark and return promptly. Thank you!"

Do vote, mark your preferences, and return in the envelope included, and thank you!

Meanwhile, we have scheduled our next Chapter Conference Call for Monday night, April 11th at 8:30 Eastern, 7:30 Central, 5:30 Pacific Time. We have a growing number of chapter reps dialing in via their computers (or sometimes the phone).
I will have agenda items very soon, and if anyone has something they specifically wish to have addressed, let me know. More importantly, if you are not getting the invitations, let me know that, as well. The specific Go To Meeting invitation will be out in the next few days.

Items for your delight and edification:

I hope you are coming to Cleveland for the convention. Attendance is growing; looking good; and we know the “in-theatre” convention with three organs we have not heard before, in addition to those which thrilled us in 2009, will be terrific! ATOS 2016 Cleveland Convention Preview
You will soon be seeing information (or updates) on deadlines for enrollment in two important programs, Summer Youth Adventure for our young players, and the Technical Event. Jonas Nordwall oversees the SYA, and if you have young people interested, get them in touch at: j.nordwall [at] Meanwhile, Carlton Smith will take your questions about the TE at c.smith [at] Both programs appear to be headed toward a boost in attendance this year.
John Ledwon is again supervising the YTOC – the Young Theatre Organists Competition for the convention, and we look forward to seeing and hearing the bright young players in our midst. Our recent winners have been stellar!
While our Western Reserve Chapter members are working hard in anticipation of our visit, I was in Tampa recently, and preparations are underway for 2017. The Central Florida chapter is lining up some amazing events for next year’s gathering.
It is going to be a very busy spring and summer as stops in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, LA, New Orleans, Richmond, VA; Philadelphia, Wilmington, Macungie, and up into the Big Apple will keep me busy. Not to mention Chattanooga, Louisville, Indianapolis and Chicago. Delta, here I come!

Lots to see, lots to do, many people to visit, and all in the name of our wonderful theatre pipe organs and ATOS.

Fill out your ballots and VOTE!! Sign up for the WRTOS-hosted Cleveland convention! Enjoy our Theatre Organ Radio on line. And bring somebody new to a program or chapter meeting and introduce our next newest member to the wonders of the music we love!


Ken Double, President and CE
American Theatre Organ Society
k.double [at]