December 3, 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012


And what the heck is that supposed to mean? I’ll explain.

For the second time in a month, I am headed back to Florida, the Tampa area again.
I hope to catch up on some things, including what is happening with the big 5-manual Walker at the Tampa Bay Lightning arena now that hockey is on the brink of cancelling the entire 2012-2013 season. Not sure the organ has been heard in any capacity, so I will chat with the locals and find out.

Playing a holiday fund-raiser for Central Florida Chapter at the Pinellas Park Auditorium near St. Petersburg (where I lived for almost three years). That is this Sunday evening, and I am looking forward to hearing the upgrades to the Wurlitzer there. Also very much looking forward to an update on the chapter’s efforts to find a new home for a new installation. I will not “let the cat out of the bag” yet, but there is an interesting project brewing down there.

On the personal front, I am driving this trip, with a stop to see my brother Rich, who fell and broke his hip a month ago. And the other personal note has to do with CFTOS chapter president Cliff Shafer, who was in a serious accident and is on the mend. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.

Heard a recent poll quoted on the radio this past week. It stated that 68% of those surveyed preferred “Merry Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays” as the proper greeting of the season.

So, “Merry Christmas” to you all….

….and Happy Holidays, too, because I know many who celebrate the season with holy events other than Christmas.

I turned on Netflix the other night, and there was THE ARTIST. It really is a fun movie, and there is absolutely no question that the score could be easily transcribed for theatre organ, and presented that way. I’ve got an idea…and I have one “connection”…and I am going to at least raise the question.

Mind you, this is not a new idea, and certainly not an original of mine. I must have heard from at least 25 people via email and in person conversation who – upon the film winning the Academy Award – immediately thought about how it would play with live theatre organ accompaniment. It would play well. And my thought is….a major tour of organ-equipped theatres…and screenings across the country.

I have also made an inroad for a major corporate sponsorship that I have been stewing about for months. Again….I won’t let the “cat out of the bag” again, but I have not been able to find the right marketing boss for this product, but I have a contact now, and hope to be able to move forward. Might have a sponsor for our convention “no-host cocktail party.” We shall see.

Finally, ATOS members will soon be seeing two items in the mail. One is a ballot, and will seek your vote on a question regarding board members’ eligibility for voting on issues. The other is the Annual Drive campaign. I hope you will take both of them seriously, and act on both of them.

Theatre Organ Radio continues to get better, including a button listeners can “click” on to make a request. The request won’t get played immediately, but will be added to the playlist, which by the way, is growing rapidly. Steve Worthington has added more than 500 new titles in recent days, with more to come. Jelani Eddington is the interview guest and special guest artist this month on the “Pipes and Pops” segment, with a special tribute to Chris Gorsuch.

I will report back from Florida next week, hopefully with good news on the organ front; the personal front; and the marketing front!