3/8 Wurlitzer - Collège Claparède

Collège Claparède


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Pipe Organ


61 chemin Fossard
Geneva, (all Switzerland)

About Claparède (translated from the French on their website by Google)

ASSOCIATION "FRIENDS OF THE ORGAN OF CINEMA COLLEGE CLAPARÈDE" was created in November 2012 in order to develop an exceptional instrument lying in the Aula of Claparède college, cinema organ the "Wurlitzer" .

The association was created at the instigation of Mr. Nicolas Hafner, organist and Madeleine Rousset Grenon, Director of Claparède college. This instrument, made in the USA in 1937, was originally installed in a cinema chain "Granada" in Clapham Junction, in the suburbs of London.

In 1980, during the restoration of this film, a Geneva Association, in agreement with the State of Geneva, acquired the organ and his ghost-piano, during an auction. It was decided to settle permanently in the Aula of Claparède college. It is therefore the property of the State of Geneva.

Our newly created association has decided to contact institutions, foundations and private donors to raise money to fund a complete renovation. The work, entrusted to Mr. Alain Ott of the Manufacture of the Great Organs of Geneva, brought significant results, to ensure high reliability of the instrument, restore the failing functions and better document the general operation of this organ.

Our current goal is to group around this historic instrument the most possible members wishing to join our association. Revenues generated annually will be needed to support the annual costs associated with maintenance and regular tuning.

The association also wants to organize musical events to showcase the organ, especially a festival whose first edition took place in spring 2014. (silent film accompaniment; long and cost films, but also jazz, classical music and French songs of the Roaring Twenties.)

We therefore appeal for your cooperation: Become a member of our association by paying your annual fee.

Finally, we would love to benefit from your various skills. Join our team and offer your time and talents to our many exciting projects.

from: http://www.orguedecinema.ch

Organ History: 

Building by the Wurlitzer Company in the U.S.A. in 1938, it was installed in the Granada theater Clapham Junction, London (UK). Dismantled in 1980 and reinstalled in Claparède in 1982 by Bernard Dargassies (Boulogne, France). Piano restored by Van Beeck (St-Martin, NE).

Stop List: 

(translated from French by Google with minor editing)

Keyboard 61 notes from C1 to C6, Pedal of 32 notes of Do1 to Sol3

1. Open Diapason (1e octave fresh reed, then metal mouth) (16, 8, 4)
2. Flute (1e octave bite then open) (16, 8, 4, 2 2/3, 2, 1 3/5)
3. Gamba (16, 8, 4) (16 from Do2)
4. Heavenly Gamba (causes gamba?) (8 and 4)
5. Clarinet (not installed)
6. Tibia Clausa (stuffy wooden high mouths) (16, 8, 4, 2 2/3, 2)
7. Vox Humana (not installed)
8. Tuba (a sort of trumpet) (16, 8, 4)
9. Saxophone (brass resonators) (16, 8)
10. English Horn (kind of oboe) (8)
P. Piano / Mandolin
at. Broken dishes (added in 1982, built by Dargassies)
b. Chrysoglott, Vibes + = tremolo, Vibraphone = dampers damper (B1to Sol5)
c. Swiss chimes (added in 1982 from the USA) (Do3 Fa4)
d. Cathedral chimes (Do3 Fa4)
e. Xylophone (2, repeating) (Do2to C4)
f. Glockenspiel (Sol2 to C4)
g. Snare Drum / Kettle drum (snare drum, two hammers, rolling or piecemeal, with stamp) / Tom-tom (piecemeal) = Kettle drum toneless
h. Tambourine (bearing)
i. Castanets (bearing)
j. Chinese block (piecemeal)
k. Sleigh bells (bearing)
l. Triangle (2nd Touch only)
m. Bass drum (piecemeal expected turnover but currently does not work)
not. Crash Cymbal (piecemeal or bearing, large horizontal cymbal)
o. Cymbal (piecemeal, small vertical cymbal)
p. Horse hoofs
q. Sandblock (in the blowpipe) (currently not working)
r. Surfing (in the blowpipe)
s. Birds (works with water, to feed before playing)
t. Fire Gong
u. Syren (currently not working)
v. Train whistle
w. Bell (press button next to the keyboard I)
At Tremblant, Tremblant S, Tibia Clausa Tremblant, Tremblant Horn
Expression A, S Expression, Expression + piano Sustain
Crescendo general, Tutti, Couplings II / I 4 ', I / III, II / III,
octaves severe acute and II I and II, Unison mute II
Electronic combination (installed in 1982)