PIPEDREAMS features the Theatre Organ

News: PIPEDREAMS features the Theatre Organ

Michael Barone, host of public radio's pipe organ program Pipedreams on American Public Media, has informed us that this week's program of Christmas music will feature some music from Jonas Nordwall and his most recent holiday recording.

In addition, ATOS President and CE Ken Double was in St. Paul, MN recently and was the special guest of Mr. Barone. A full two-hour broadcast will feature music of the six most recent ATOS conventions. That program will air in the first week of March.

Consult your local public radio listings for the outlet near you that carries Pipedreams. Or you can find out more on line at www.pipedreams.org. Michael Barone is a regular attendee of ATOS theatre organ conventions, and often features theatre organ music on his program, which celebrates the King of Instruments in all of its manifestations.

Michael Barone