Hi all,

I hope this finds you all doing well as we are now almost 7 weeks into the New Year. And I also hope you got your favorite Valentine something nice in time for Sunday! And you get something, too!!

There is much to discuss and update you on. First, some big news.

At the convention in Cleveland – and I hope you are all signed up!! – go right to and you will find it’s simple, safe, and painless to make your plans for what will be one glorious pipe organ in one beautiful theatre after another – we will have a wonderful announcement to make about ATOS’ next significant gift from a benefactor who is doing some serious long-range thinking. Exciting news, to be sure.


With apologies for missing the January call, we are now scheduling the next three calls for our chapter leaders’ participation. Mark your calendars for the following dates:

Thursday, February 25 Monday, April 11 Monday, June 13.

The calls will commence at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time, 7:30 Central, 5:30 Pacific time. As always, ATOS will have two or three topics to discuss, at which point we will open the floor for discussion from those in attendance.

Chapter leaders or representatives, if you have not been part of these in the past, forward your interest in attending with the proper email address, and we will add you to the list. A few days ahead of the meeting, we will distribute a Go To Meeting link to attendees.

One major topic will be Visa and Immigration – the issues now facing our chapters and groups wishing to bring international artists into the U.S. to perform. This will be covered in detail, including distribution of a brief “How To” guide which we believe will be helpful.

Another topic will focus on a method for marketing an event that could have solid impact. In January, I performed at the Long Center in Lafayette, IN. The concert was a joint production between the organ society and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lafayette. Partnering with another strong nonprofit organization can provide a market for tickets; greater opportunity for media exposure; introduction of the theatre organ to a new, wider audience; and even with a split of proceeds, can generate funding.
There are several key factors involved in staging a successful event – including choosing the right partner – and these will be discussed during the meeting. There is the potential for “mining some good theatre organ gold” by partnering with others.


January travels found me in Charlotte, NC where I presented to the Foundation for the Carolinas board on the advantages of installing a theatre pipe organ in what will be a restored Carolina Theatre. I will soon be back in Savannah, GA to present to the Rotary Club on funding for the reinstallation of the Lucas Theatre Wurlitzer in hopes of getting the original organ back in its home.

The ATOS Board of Directors completed its Mid-Year Board Meeting earlier this month with updates on all of the activities within ATOS.

One of those potential activities – the Step Up Your Playing adult teaching weekend event scheduled for March 3-4-5 has been canceled, unfortunately. We simply did not get enough positive response from around the country, and from the local area chapters. This might be best suited as an every-other-year event, or we might need to get back to the drawing board on how best to react to those adults who ask, “Why can’t we have our own version of the Summer Youth Adventure?”

Here in Atlanta, we are the beneficiaries of the great work of Clark Wilson and Carlton Smith who completed most of the tonal finishing on our Page pipe organ at Stephenson High School. The REAL beneficiary will be Richard Hills who will present the organ in concert on March 5. We are also working with the Fox Theatre to have Richard “guest” on Mighty Mo for a pre-show that week. He then heads to Sarasota for a concert on the Forker Wurlitzer at Grace Church on March 13.

My travel agent had not been quite as busy through January, but that will change quickly. Monday, February 15th I am headed to Norman, OK for a visit to the University of Oklahoma and our archives.
There is other business in that neck of the woods. Then, upcoming stops in Tampa, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, LA and Southern California, New Orleans, New York, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and points beyond will keep Delta Airlines familiar with my smiling countenance.

Meanwhile, do plan on coming to Cleveland. Our last visit in 2009 was wonderful, and there are at least three new organs to hear this time, with a stellar lineup of great organists to keep you entertained and create memories for years to come.

Thanks all. More to come soon!!

Ken Double