Young Theatre Organist Winners

1984 Played a cameo at the convention:
John Cook
Tony O'Brien
John Lauter
Phil Silvertham

1985 Junior: Rebecca Rieker (San Diego)
Intermediate: Melissa Ambrose (Motor City)
Senior: Martin Ellis (Central Indiana)
Overall: Martin Ellis (Central Indiana)

1986 Junior: Neil Johnston III (Southwest Michigan)
Intermediate: Colleen Feldpausch (Motor City)
Senior: Dwight Thomas (Central Indiana)
Overall: Dwight Thomas (Indiana)

1987 Junior: Peter Holt (London)
Intermediate: John Cook (Eastern Mass.)
Senior: Melissa Ambrose (Wolverine)
Overall: Melissa Ambrose (Wolverine)

1988 Junior: Jelani Eddington (Central Indiana)
Intermediate: Martin Harris (London)
Senior: Norine Castine (Motor City)
Overall: Jelani Eddington (Central Indiana)

1989 Junior: Russell Holmes (London)
Intermediate: Barry Baker (Central Indiana)
Senior: John Cook (Pine Tree)
Overall: Barry Baker (Central Indiana)

1990 Junior: Mark Aston (London)
Intermediate: Russell Holmes (London)
Senior: John Giacchi (Australia)
Overall: Mark Aston (London)

1991 Junior: Benjamin Vine (London)
Intermediate: Simon Appleyard (London)
Senior: Donald MacKenzie (London)
Overall: Benjamin Vine (London)

1992 Junior: Sean Henderson (Australia)
Intermediate: Rich Lewis (Delaware Valley)
Overall: Rich Lewis (Delaware Valley)

1993 Junior: Susan Lewandowski (Motor City)
Intermediate: Mark Hawn (Valley of the Sun)
Senior: Chris McPhee (Australia)
Overall: Chris McPhee (Australia)

1994 Junior: David Eaton (London)
Intermediate: Heath Wooster (Australia)
Senior: Russell Holmes (London)
Overall: Russell Holmes (London)

1995 Junior: Richard Hills (London)
Intermediate: Sean Henderson (Valley of the Sun)
Senior: Kylie Mallett (Australia)
Overall: Richard Hills (London)

1996 Junior: Catherine Drummond (London)
Intermediate: Susan Lewandowski (Wolverine)
Senior: Mark Hawn (Valley of the Sun)
Overall: Mark Hawn (Valley of the Sun)

1997 Junior: [combined with intermediate]
Intermediate: Ryan Heggie (Australia)
Senior: Richard Openshaw (London)
Overall: Ryan Heggie (Australia)

1998 Junior: Robert Sudall (London)
Intermediate: Ron Reseigh (Motor City)
Senior: Heath Wooster (Australia)
Overall: Ron Reseigh (Motor City)

1999 Junior: Heather Novak (Motor City)
Intermediate: Elizabeth Hanton (Australia)
Senior: Sean Henderson (Australia)
Overall: Sean Henderson (Australia)

2000 Junior: Clayton Smith (Australia)
Intermediate: Catherine Drummond (London)
Senior: Michelle Nicolle (Australia)
Overall: Michelle Nicolle (Australia)

2001 Junior: Matthew Loeser (Australia)
Intermediate: Robert Sudall (London)
Senior: Catherine Drummond (London)
Overall: Catherine Drummond (London)

2002 Junior: (no entry)
Intermediate: Adam Evans (London)
Senior: Robert Wetherall (Australia)
Overall: Adam Evans (London)

2003 Junior entry: Mark Herman (Central Indiana)
Intermediate: (no entry)
Senior: (no entry)
Overall: [None: There was only one qualifying entry]

2004 Junior: Ian House (London)
Intermediate: Mark Herman (Central Indiana)
Senior: (no award)
Overall: Mark Herman (Central Indiana)

2005 Junior: David Gray (Scotland)
Intermediate: Ian House (London)
Senior: (no award)
Overall: David Gray (Scotland)

2006 Junior: (no entry)
Intermediate: Donnie Rankin (Western Reserve)
Senior: (no qualifying entry)
Overall: [none: there was only one qualifying entry]

(Note: Age-defined categories eliminated)

2007 Eric Fricke (Valley of the Sun)
Donnie Rankin (Western Reserve)
Overall: Donnie Rankin (Western Reserve)

2008 Eric Fricke (Valley of the Sun)
Mary Ann Wootton (UK)
Jonathan Ortloff (Rochester, New York)
Overall: Jonathan Ortloff (Rochester, New York)

2009 Mary Ann Sheila Wootton (UK)
Nathan Avakian (Portland, Oregon)
Overall: Nathan Avakian (Portland, Oregon)
(Note: Selection of an overall winner deleted.)

2010 [No Competition this year; no entries]
2011 [No Competition this year, only one entry]

2012 Finalists Anthony Meads (UK)
Justin P. LaVoie (Canton, Michigan)(Motor City)
Stephen Kucera (Greater Kansas City Area)

(Note: Selection of an overall winner re-established for 2013)

2013 Justin P. LaVoie (Canton, Michigan)
Dan Minervini (Massapequa, New York) (NYTOS)
Overall: Justin P. LaVoie (Canton, Michigan)

2014 Ryan Hardy (Fargo, North Dakota)
Andrew Van Varick (Newton, New Jersey) (GSTOS)
Dan Minervini (Massapequa, New York) (NYTOS)
Overall: Andrew Van Varick (GSTOS)

2015 Seamus Gethicker (Bath, Maine)
Ryan Hardy (Fargo, North Dakota)
Overall: Dan Minervini (Massapequa, New York) (NYTOS)

2016 Richie Gregory
Luke Staisiunas (GSTOS)
Overall: Seamus Gethicker (Bath, Maine)

2017 Ryan Hardy (Fargo, North Dakota)
Nicholas Renkosik
Overall: Alex Jones (UK)

2018 Ryan Hardy (Fargo, North Dakota)
Brett Miller (Ottsville, Pennsylvania)
Overall: Luke Staisiunas (West Chester, Pennsylvania)