Chapter Showcase

Chapter Showcase

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The ATOS Chapter Showcase is the annual opportunity for Chapters to communicate to our membership and others their initiatives that inform, present and preserve theatre organs, as well as promote use of the instruments. The Showcase provides each of our Chapters a chance to illustrate their efforts toward these goals to the world of cyber space, at little or no additional expense!
For those not familiar with how it works, here’s a quick summary of the steps:

  1. Each chapter’s leadership needs to identify an individual (Reporter) for that chapter with the mission to collect and submit photos/text that highlight their activities for the past year. The items for a showcase need not be public events, but should reflect your chapter’s events for the past year. February is not too soon to identify a Chapter Reporter.
  2. The ATOS Chapter Liaison, Taylor Trimby (t.trimby (at), should be notified of your Chapter Reporter, which would indicate that your chapter intents to participate. Once identified, further details for completing the submission will be provided.
  3. The Chapter Reporter should review that chapter’s newsletters and other news sources to select highlights for the year in the form of illustrative images and text commentary for each image. The text should identify the location for the event, such as the host’s names, venue, or theatre name. (The general goal for each chapter’s submission should be up to 12 images and one or two sentences to define or illustrate each image. The images may be from a single event, or each from different events.)
  4. The best submission method is a single digital folder of files. For those chapters that have limited digital capabilities, hardcopy submissions are acceptable. Do not let your limited resources limit your participation. Submissions should be completed by May 15, 2018 to allow for processing and Showcase production. (The goal is to post the Showcase before the ATOS Annual Convention.)


As received, each submission will be reviewed and edited into a video presentation. If any content is found to have an issue, the Chapter Reporter will be contacted for resolution. The goal is to have each chapter fit their content within approximately one minute, however, the quantity of submission may affect the duration of each chapter element of the production.

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