ATOS 2017 Convention, Day 2

Today, Tuesday, July 4th, the 2017 ATOS Convention traveled to Grace Church, Sarasota, FL to visit the Manasota Chapter of ATOS and experience three marvelous programs on the 4/32 Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. The morning was opened by a Simon Gledhill performance with the bounce and vigor needed to get the day rolling.

The Church’s interior is ideal for the presentation of programs with a video projection of the performers hands on the keyboards. Colorful lighting effects and the wonderful sound of the organ made for both sonic and visual entertainment.

The attendees made a lunch trip for a sit-down meal and returned for the rest of the days programs featuring David Gray and Mark Herman. Each presented their approach to the instrument, with David Gray presenting his tremendously complex and complete transcription of Ravel’s La Valse. The audience was then presented with a preview of the 2018 ATOS Convention which will be held June 29th to July 3rd next year in Los Angeles, CA. Mark Herman closed the day’s trio of performances with one of his combination of broadway hits and favorite tunes.

The day concluded with Mark’s encore of a patriotic medley “tour de force”, where the three artists took turns at the grand piano and organ console in a series of rapid rotation or musical chairs rotation and mixing American and British melodies. After returning to the Convention Hotel, an outside patio area along a channel provided everyone with an appropriate holiday display of fireworks.

Tomorrow the Convention opens with a seminar regarding keyboards and will be then be treated to a much-anticipated program on the Amelia Arena’s Walker 5/92 digital pipe organ.

~Richard Neidich

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Grace Church, Sarasota, FL

Simon Gledhill

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David Gray

Mark Herman

Finally “Tour de force”

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