2017 Convention

ATOS 2017 Convention, Encore Day 2

Today, July 8th was the second Encore of the 2017 ATOS Convention. The day was a visit with the South Florida Theatre Organ Society chapter. The group bussed to Plantation, Florida, about a three-hour and a half hour bus ride from Tampa, for the day’s first event at the Pam and Joel Jancko’s “Our Backyard Museum”. After dashing through a rain shower as we arrived, the travelers were treated to another excellent Jelani Eddington carefully orchestrated program of Broadway and movie melodies.

ATOS 2017 Convention, Encore Day 1

Today was the first of two Encore days after the formal 2017 Convention. The attendees split into morning and afternoon groups and bussed to the recently restored Pinellas Park’s Auditorium, to the west of Tampa and near the Gulf of Mexico. The instrument now being installed, is composed of several other instruments. Currently it is utilizing a virtual system to provide theatrical voices as the pipe work is being installed.

ATOS 2017 Convention, Day 4

Day Four of the 2017 ATOS Convention was based again at the Tampa Theatre. The morning began with a program by Nathan Avakian. Nathan opened his program with one of his uniquely arranged songs that incorporated prepared rhythm tracks, followed by a sequence of nine three-minute silent films from the International Youth Silent Film Festival (http://www.makesilentfilm.com). Each year Nathan composes a series of three-minute film scores which he performs and records on theater organ.

ATOS 2017 Convention, Day 3

Today was day three of the ATOS Tampa Florida Convention with a full day of meetings and performances. It began for those interested in maintenance and repair techniques attending a Technical Seminar on the repair and adjustment of keyboards. Since organists must utilize the keyboard to perform, it is critical to properly maintain them. The tools and techniques for their care were presented by Allen Miller.

ATOS 2017 Convention, Day 2

Today, Tuesday, July 4th, the 2017 ATOS Convention traveled to Grace Church, Sarasota, FL to visit the Manasota Chapter of ATOS and experience three marvelous programs on the 4/32 Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. The morning was opened by a Simon Gledhill performance with the bounce and vigor needed to get the day rolling.

The Church’s interior is ideal for the presentation of programs with a video projection of the performers hands on the keyboards. Colorful lighting effects and the wonderful sound of the organ made for both sonic and visual entertainment.

ATOS 2017 Convention, Day 1

Tampa, Florida is the site for the 2017 ATOS Annual Convention being hosted by the Central Florida Theatre Organ Society beginning today, July 3, 2017. The Tampa Theatre is a prime example of a John Eberson “atmospheric design” and was the location for the day’s events.

This first day of the 4-day Convention included the annual Young Organists Competition finals contest and was followed by a performance from last year’s winner, Seamus Gethicker. Pictured in the photo, from left to right are Seamus Gethicker, Alex Jones (this year’s winner), Nicholas Renkosik, Ryan Hardy.