Theatre Organ History - Preservation

Many organs were rescued from closed or demolished theatres and later installed in restaurants and private homes. In some cases, good sense prevailed and a few of the great theatres and their original organs were spared

Ayars - Macys Wurlitzer
The former Lowell Ayars Wurlitzer received a museum-quality restoration and now resides in Greek Hall at Macy's Center City (formerly Wanamaker's Department Store) in Philadephia, PA

As we survey the damage of the past, we see that although many important instruments were lost, many others now remain under the care of knowledgeable people. There are many communities that have one or more theatre pipe organs in use, and a new generation of young performers continues to be attracted to the instrument.

The American Theatre Organ Society, with dozens of local chapters and thousands of members worldwide, remains dedicated to the preservation of these wonderful old instruments. Theatre organ organizations are also active both in Britain and Australia.

Not content to be merely historians, members of the ATOS and other preservation groups want theatre organs to be