Encore Day

Encore Day

July 3rd, the Encore Day of the 2018 ATOS Convention, began with a visit to the newly completed Nathan Barr Studio. The studio is equipped with an organ first installed in the 20th Century Fox Studios. The facility presents a modern art deco design theme with the many unique musical instruments decorating the interior. After a welcoming by Nathan Barr, the program of movie inspired music was provided my organist Mark Herman.

The second stop for the day was a trip to the Nethercutt Collection and the impressive collection of mechanical musical instruments. The audience was treated to a selection of favorites by John Giacchi.

The concluding program for the day was a visit to the Founders Church and a program presented by organist Chris Elliott. Included were tunes to remember the opening of the instrument many years ago and a remembrance of Chris’s longtime friend and teacher, Gaylord Carter.
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Encore Day

Nathan Barr

Mark Herman

John Giacchi

Chris Elliott