Pasadena Day 4

Pasadena Day 4

July 2nd, day four of the 2018 ATOS Convention, saw attendees up early and traveling to downtown Hollywood and the El Capitan Theatre. The Disney operated theatre’s Wurlitzer from the former Fox Theatre, San Francisco, provided organist David Gray an ideal platform from which to present his program, including his closing with the 1812 Overture.

The afternoon had the convention attendees traveling to the Mission Playhouse in San Gabriel. Making his first ATOS Convention appearance, organist Phil Kelsall provided the audience with his unique “Blackpool” style of playing. Prior to the formal concert, the Rochester Theatre Organ Society presented their preview video for the 2019 ATOS Convention in Rochester, NY.

For the formal closing of the 2018 ATOS Convention the conventioneers traveled to the Whittier High School Vic Lopez Auditorium to hear the primer of the newly installed Wurlitzer organ, once located in the Organ Stop Pizza facility in Redwood City, CA. The organist for the evening was Justin LaVoie.
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