Pasadena Day 2

Pasadena Day 2

June 30th, day two of the 2018 ATOS Convention, was a busy and long day for convention attendees.

The attendees first traveled to Barnum Hall in Santa Monica, California to begin the day’s activities with the Young Theatre Organist Competition. The finalists, Brett Miller, Ryan Hardy and Luke Staisiunas each provided a performance of four numbers. The winner of this year’s competition is Luke Staisiunas. John Ledwon moderated the mornings activities.

After an intermission, last year’s competition winner, Alex Jones performed a program of theatre organ music for the audience.

The attendees then traveled to El Segunda’s Old Town Music Hall for a dual program presented by Jelani Eddington and Ron Rhode. Ron’s performance was the last of his long career of many entertaining programs.

The evening closed by traveling to downtown Los Angeles and attending a silent movie night at the Orpheum Theatre. The theatre is a well-maintained movie palace where Harold Lloyd’s classic silent film “Safety Last” was accompanied by Clark Wilson. Clark preceded his performance by conducting an on-stage interview with the film makers granddaughter.
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Brett Miller

Ryan Hardy

Luke Staisiunas

Alex Jones

Young Organist Finalists with John Ledwon

Jelani Eddington

Ron Rhode

Clark Wilson at the Orpheum Theatre