Endowment Fund

The ATOS Endowment Fund was established to financially assist ATOS chapters engaged in theatre pipe organ projects and/or programs which will have a lasting impact on the preservation and/or presentation of the theatre pipe organ as an historically American instrument and musical art form; projects and/or programs of particular historical or scholarly merit; and other projects and/or programs as approved by the ATOS Board of Directors.

Endowment Fund Application

To be eligible to receive Endowment Fund monies, an application form must be completed by the deadline date. An application form will be posted to Programs & Awards when available.

Donating to the Endowment Fund

The ATOS Endowment Fund has become a flagship program of ATOS, which directly benefits local chapters and theatre organ installations worldwide. As such, donations to the fund are certain to make a lasting impression on the organization and the theatre organ artform as a whole. There are no hidden administrative expenses deducted from your gift when you give to the Endowment Fund. This fund, seperate from ATOS general operating funds, is professionally managed by a separate Board of Trustees, which is accountable to the ATOS Board of Directors.

See this donation information document for more information about do